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Experience The Interconnected Culture and History of The California Cowboy, Regenerative Ranching & Farming and Stockmanship

Learning From The Past To Benefit The Future

1st Annual Napa Cowboy Gathering
Friday, June 2 - Sunday, June 4
Napa Valley Horsemen’s Association
1200 Foster Rd. Napa Valley California 94559

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and help us make it the spectacular affair it promises to be!

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About the Napa Cowboy Gathering

The Napa Cowboy Gathering June 2, 3, 4, 2023 is a free full weekend for the community to celebrate the culture, history and practice of the “Californio”- the indigenous cowboy of California.
The goal of this free event is to inspire, engage and educate people on the magnificence and efficiency of the traditional culture, practices and arts of the California Cowboys and Cowgirls known as the “Californios”. And celebrate Napa’s deep history associated with the Californio culture.
The spectator event will be held at the Historic Napa Horseman’s Association and will be chock full of great free experiences, entertainment and education featuring:
  • Daily workshops hosted by the founder of the California Bridle Horse Association and renowned bridle horseman, Bruce Sandifer and associate Heather Kornemann

Bruce Sandifer

Heather Kornemann

Leaders in Regenerative Agriculture and Ranching – Californios were stewards of the land and their stock - experts in regenerative agriculture and ranching practices
American Grassfed Association, education leader in regenerative agriculture and ranching practice, will be hosting a booth and will be giving daily talks.
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TomKat Ranch, education leaders in regenerative agriculture and ranching practice, along with Point Blue Conservation Science, a leader in climate-smart conservation, will be co-hosting a booth 
Spencer Smith, education leader in regenerative agriculture and soil health, will be hosting educational sessions
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  • Live music performances by Western Music Hall of Fame Inductee Dave Stamey and others
  • Over 25 master craftsman and vendors including renowned traditional cowboy artists and saddle makers, rawhide braiders, bit and spur makers, silversmiths and cowboy trappings
  • Delicious food and drink options to choose from!
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Please come help us celebrate the Californio to ensure a sustainable future for the culture and all it represents.

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